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Moira Townsend Williams

Moira Townsend Williams


I am currently writing music projects for children, which includes script writing, lyric writing and some composing. Usually I work with a composer on these projects and to date I have worked with London composers Eric Angus and Pete Letanka, and Wiltshire-based composer Kate Courage.

My latest project ’Everyman’s Land’ is a piece exploring issues around diversity,exclusion and working together to create a more peaceful world. It tells the tale of a refugee girl who tries to save two warring tribes,the Redbacks and the Bluebacks from ultimate destruction. It is a piece incorporating original songs, drama and dance and my next step is to develop it further theatrically, exploring and expanding upon the themes and characters. Although the issues within the piece are serious,the children love interpreting the characters of the lazy, laid-back,slow-moving Redbacks and the stressed out, fast-living, fast-talking Bluebacks, and most children relate to the refugee girl,Almira, the central character who must start school in a completely different land, and try to become accepted.

In 2008 I also worked with musicians Rosanne Jardine and Jason Rebello to write the Bradford On Avon Song with children from Fitzmaurice, Christchurch and St Laurence schools. This was then performed at the festival, Sept 2008 and a CD was recorded with 5 talented St L year 11’s working with Jason. Copies were then sold around the town.

I am also working on Children’s books including a Young Fiction (age 9-12) version of ’Everyman’s Land’ for which I am looking for a publisher this year(2009) and ’Ellie’s Wellies’ a picture book for the age 3-5 market.This text (with a sample illustration by local illustrator Sophy Williams)is currently being considered by a publisher.

I am an ex-copywriter, having worked in many ad agencies including Saatchi and Saatchi in the 80’s/90’s. I am available to write copy across any media.

Although I am busy working on the next phase of ’Everyman’s Land’ for theatre, I am always available to discuss new projects involving my writing skills.


I recently co-produced 4 performances of ’Everyman’s Land’ with Wiltshire Music Service, for The Small Schools Music Partnership which took place at The Wiltshire Music Centre and Marlborough College Summer 2008. My role was to co-ordinating the project, including workshops, meetings, sourcing the composer, musicians and technicians, creating the timeline and ensuring that a high-quality project was delivered on time.

Earlier in my career, after leaving Saatchi’s to train as an actress, I set up and produced The Casting Couch-the UK’s first Casting showcase which created work opportunities for thousands of actors. It was a real networking facility, set as it was in a west end wine bar, and became, for a few years, an essential meeting place for performers and the directors, producers, agents and casting directors who could give them work.

I went on to co-produce a TV pilot of The Casting Couch for Channel 4 TV. (Director Chris Bould’Whose Line Is It Anyway?‘). After this I produced ’The Casting Couch Video File’-this was before the days of the internet-which featured 180 actors live on stage and became the UK’s first casting directory, before Spotlight launched their on-line service.

In between I ran the Casting Couch Actors Agency where I managed a roster of actors for casting in TV/film/commercials and theatre. I combined this with some casting and I still do a bit of casting here and there.

My passion is writing and producing projects that in some way make a difference. In 2009 I want to build on the foundations that have been laid working with over 2000 children on ’Everyman’s Land’. But I also want to develop new projects and am currently working on one such project with a London composer. I am also looking for new opportunities to work in partnership with other like-minded individuals and organisations who want to create exciting theatre/projects.