Why is There No Lawnmower Racing in Wiltshire?

Lawnmower racing has become all-the-rage in counties such as Surrey, mainly due its fun and laid back participants (especially compared to traditional racing). So why are there no lawnmower races going on in the Wiltshire area?

The sport dates back to 1973, and was originally started as drunken fun in a West Sussex pub. Since then it’s grown a lot, with a number of competitive leagues – but the focus is always on having fun.

If you’re not sure why lawnmower racing actually is, check out the short video below.

As you can see, the racing doesn’t use your typical lawnmower that cuts grass, such as your typical garden mower. Instead, these are ride-on mowers with specific standards that must be adhered to. It’s a laid back race, but that doesn’t mean it’s not taken seriously.

While it might look easy, learning how to race lawnmowers takes time and practice. As one racer mentions in the video, it can take up to four years to really get the hang of how to lean when going around corners, how much to brake on different surfaces and how to become an expert racer.

You might be wondering why people bother racing lawn mowers instead of bikes or cars. The simple reason is cost – racing is a fantastic sport but is very expensive to get into. Buying a lawnmower is much cheaper, and allows you to start taking part in races almost straight away. Plus it’s a more chilled out environment where people want to have fun, without the intense focus on winning.

If you want to learn more about lawnmower racing, including where the next races are (there won’t be any until next year unfortunately), we highly recommend checking out the British Lawn Mower Racing Association’s website.

Have you ever been to a lawnmower race? Would you like to see one of these events going on in Wiltshire? Or is there a race that happens on a regular basis in the county that we’re not aware of? Let us know in the comments!

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