Swindon Theatre: Al Murray “Lets Go Backwards Together”

Al Murray is coming back to Swindon.

Show Info:

The Pub Landlord is back at Swindon!

Al Murray is appearing at the Wyvern Theatre Main Auditorium on the 6th November for a show that promises to be a treat for comedy fans.

With his combination of witty humour and “on-trend” jokes, this is sure to be a night out that won’t be forgotten quickly. Tickets cost £30.50 each and can be bought from the theatre directly. If you’re a member of Wyvern Friends you’ll also get the booking fee-free.

So what is he going to talk about during the show? We can’t say for sure, but we think topics such as the NHS, Brexit and the Middle East are almost certainly going to be on the agenda.

It’s going to be a great night out – and tickets will sell out first. Make sure you get them ASAP.

And if you need something to wet your appetite, here’s a clip of the man in action:

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